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    first of yall, how do you like the bigger screen? compared to the gs3 for those that had it. is it uncomfortable to hold in your hands while talking or texting

    second how is the batt life (please dont post something that is possible with a bigger batt thank you) i am looking for out of the box use, with general use, texting, calling, playing games, and web surfing. with the gs3 i pull about 8-12hrs depending on use with stock batt.

    third, is the active and the regular, which do yall prefer and does the regular have gorilla glass or is that just active? (it will be getting otter boxed i have had them since iphone 3gs and put that through some things (the 4s got dropped on tile from about 4' and the back lower section broke) i saw a thread about somebody had trouble and they wouldn't allow him to return it, sounds like a life poof case to me (had one and hated it had it for about 2 days it seem like it worked with the water test but i dont trust it and after figuring out the warranty i returned it)

    fourth, what is the dual capture? i assume it uses the front and back camera, and how does s health (or what ever its called work)

    fifth, how offten do yall use the new features, such as the ir remote function, would it work work with any tv flat screen or old school box i believe that it would work with any tv, since the remote uses an ir to change channels right? (i was told it works with direct tv (how does that set up with the sat box) would be funny to switch tv if somebody was in to the show. (can it work with att u verse also)

    sixth, i am looking to sell my gs3 i believe att gives 100 not good, are there any good websites i did a quick search. here is a link Sell Samsung Galaxy S3 / S III 16GB (AT&T) Cell Phone | Recycle Samsung Galaxy S3 / S III 16GB (AT&T) Cell Phone at SellCell.com now i am worried i send my phone off and not see a single dime "oh and i dont have paypal so it will be by check" and i am out of a phone and i could use the coin to get a new phone and a case for it, also since its been cased otter box defender and not even a scratch on it i can get more $$$ i dont think there is a scratch on it, i hope it stays like that. until i get ready to buy one

    seventh, do yall still have the sd card failing is it rare or common. beating on wood, i havent had it yet and its a 8gb think about getting the 16gb and have movies on it also.

    eighth, how fast is it, if yall have had both phones does it seem faster,

    ninth, how is the camera i know side by side doesnt work different displays and screen size, but if you pull up both on the same computer, is it a noticeable difference (using just point and shoot no fancy effects?)

    guys/girls i appreciate the advice and feel free to throw some other info i might need. i am not new to android, the gs3 is my first, but just tempted to get a new phone and reading the chick magnet thread made me want one so i am asking all the questions hence why search doesnt help like this, (i havent had this one a year i think.) i am sorry for the long reading info but i tried to make it the best i can hence the spacing i know how hard it is to read words on a computer screen
    i have a little while to decide i hope i can get it sooner , that is if i can get my upgrade without my grandparent with me.
    06-23-2013 01:22 AM
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    one more thing with that link i posted i have the box but cant find headphones and its been used but not even a scratch that i can find, if it never been used i think top dollar is $300 used is 225,

    edit just emailed orange offer. to see what they will give me (told them about the phone my luck it would be used pricing and not new.

    dang my mind went blank....
    06-23-2013 01:59 AM
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    I have had and iPhone 5, GS3 and now have the S4 so I will offer my perspective in response to your questions.

    1. Screen / size - from a visual perspective the screen is noticeably bigger but the phone feels and pretty much is the same physical size as the S3. It does feel much better in the hand to me than the S3. The screen is a full 1080p display and with the changes Samsung made, it does look better than my S3 screen did.
    2. Battery - For my use the battery life is much better. I had to put an extended battery on my S3 to get through the day. With the S4 I have no issues. My typical day, off charger at 6am and back on charger 15 hours later at 9pm with about 30 to 40 percent battery left. I consider my use moderate with normal amounts of calls, texting, 3 email accounts (2 push and 1 fetch) one of those being a work exchange account with frequent emails, some Internet use, google now and location services, wifi and Bluetooth on.
    3. Active / gorilla glass - don't know about the Active, no experience there. The S4 does have gorilla glass and I'm pretty sure it's gorilla glass 3. I have also put a Spigen Glas tr screen protector on it which I like very much.
    4. Dual capture - yes exactly, it uses both front and rear facing cameras at the same time in either photo stills or video mode, very cool! Haven't used S health (although I probably should) so I can't comment there.
    5. New features - I tried them when I first got the phone but have paired it down to this for my needs - multi window on occasion, IR blaster when I'm too lazy to find a remote, air gestures only when I'm showing them off to somebody else. IR blaster works good with direct tv don't know about AT&T u verse. It has settings for pretty much any tv best that I can tell but I have no experience with other pay tv providers boxes or media receivers and DVD players.
    6. Selling S3 - I have used Gazelle many times and always had a good experience with them. Prices paid were comparable to others and their service has been quick and without issue. You can always get more selling to an individual but for me unless I have a buyer that I know, it's just easier and quicker to go the Gazelle route.
    7. Sd card - I use a PNY 32 gb class 10 card without issue.
    8. Speed - yes it's fast. Faster than S3? I have had both, my son still has an S3, yes it is faster.
    9. Camera / images - it does have a good camera. The software is amazing, many preset type of capture options. If you just use it as a point and shoot in auto mode it captures very nice photos. Again, I have had both the S3 and iPhone 5. Both have very cameras and capture good quality images. The S4 compares to these very well in my uses. I have not put images from all three up side by side for comparison but the images I have taken with the S4 seem as good if not better than the others.

    Well that's my perspective on your questions. Hope I helped in your decision making.
    06-23-2013 08:01 AM
  4. myIphone4s's Avatar
    Thank you for the reply so far its gs4 for the win. I might have to check gazelle, I am surprised that the phone has an ir blaster talk about expensinve remote thats one less thing to keep beside you.but should be handy for switching channels then going back to what they were watching tv is messing up:-). (I like to mess with friends and family a lot) can you post a screen shot of the ir blaster?

    Is the keybord any better reason I ask is that some how I keep having to fix sentences

    I loved the iphone 4s camera but after jumping ship I wont be going back apple just looks outdated to me.
    06-23-2013 10:53 AM
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    Does this feature work well "humidity sensor, thermometer, and a barometric pressure sensor. These features allow for a more accurate representation of the current weather, using your phone instead of relying on a weather service"

    Also orange offer is a rip off just saying it seemed to good to be true (just by reading reviews)

    Oh with the ir blaster would it affect the regular remote just asking
    06-23-2013 12:23 PM
  6. myIphone4s's Avatar
    Anybody got more advice
    06-24-2013 04:49 PM

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