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    I'm getting really annoyed that I can't seem to stop my phone from vibrating when I snooze or dismiss the alarm in the morning. I have the nice gentle wake up with a nice soothing sound and the wife is dozing quietly next to me and I dismiss the alarm BZZZZTZTZTT!! as it rattles across my night stand. It has happened with the stock Clock app as well as Alarm Clock Plus

    It could be a combination of a couple of things. I've noticed when I set the phone to vibrate mode, it will vibrate. When an app (Timerific, NFC Task Launcher) sets the phone to vibrate, the phone will vibrate. I prefer setting my phone to vibrate mode at night and have it set that only phone calls will wake me up with a vibration. Is the alarm bringing the phone out of vibrate mode to sound the alarm and then setting it back when I dismiss it thereby triggering a vibrate to let me know if went back to vibrate mode? One night I tried setting the phone to silent mode but still got the vibration, so....

    Or is it haptic feedback "on certain UI interactions"? I like the haptic feedback in other parts of the phone.

    Either way, I'd just like to wake up without my phone vibrating. Any ideas?
    06-24-2013 12:39 PM

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