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    Hey everybody, just have a quick couple of questions and hopefully you can help me out.

    Anyway, I just bought my Samsung Galaxy S4 today. I am very pleased with it though I have a few questions.

    I got these text messages that say, "Your (phone number) has used 50 percent of its prorated data for your bill ending on June 28th, 2013"
    About 10 minutes later, I got another one saying, "Your (phone number) has used 75 percent of its prorated data for your bill ending..etc etc"
    And then about 20 minutes later I got another one saying "Your (phone number) has used its prorated data and you may be charged".

    Now, my questions are. Why would that even happen so quickly? It happened at night and I had gotten my phone around 5 PM and like I said, it happened around 10-11 PM. Mind you I had installed several apps and updated about 20 applications that were overdue for an update through Google Play store thingy. Any reason why that could have happened?

    And another question, I am a delivery driver and I use my phones GPS for it. Is my mobile data going to shut off, thus not allowing me to use my GPS? Cus if so..thats gunna be a tough time haha.

    And one other question I have, is my GPS going to be using a lot of my data limit? I have a 2GB data limit usage, and I think I share that with my brother, not completely sure on that though..if you don't need to share it with another person then I probably don't. Mind you again, I have no idea lol.

    Oh, and the weird thing is that I can go to my Data Usage thing in the settings tab and it says I've used about 350 MB...which is obviously no where near 2GB. So yea, what's up with that?

    So pretty much my questions are in a nutshell...

    Why did my mobile data expire so fast, especially with me getting those texts in such a short notice?

    Will my mobile data A.K.A 4G etc be shut off or will I just get charged for using over the limit?..and will my GPS not work without the mobile data?

    And lastly, does the GPS use alot of data?

    And, why does my data usage say its only been used about 350 MB and not near the 2GB limit I have.

    Sorry if these are more type of questions for a Verizon forum but I hope you guys can help. Thanks for reading I know it was kind of long xD
    06-25-2013 01:17 AM

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