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    I just got an S4. I backed up everything from my S2 Skyrocket to my computer via Kies. I plugged in the S4 and used "Restore" to put everything on the S4. All the messages transferred accept the MMS messages.

    1) Did I do something wrong with Kies?
    2) Does Kies not backup/restore MMS?
    3) Does MMS from am S2 not transfer to an S4?

    Also, the clerk reloaded my apps by logging into my GooglePlay account on the S4, which put all the apps on but lost all of the settings. Would removing all the apps from the S4 and restoring them from my backedup S2 files put all the apps on the S4 as they were on the S2?
    06-25-2013 07:10 PM

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