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    Air Gesture in S IV require particular attention. It seems that Samsung has borrowed a bit of what it had on Galaxy Note II. When you use the Air Gesture feature, you will be substituting your fingers for the pen. So the next time you have to operate you Samsung Galaxy S IV with greasy fingers, be assured you do it without soiling the device; that is assured.

    This function is similar but their goal is to move through menus making gestures on the screen, without ever touching it. For example serves to scroll through photos or move through the various home screens.
    What does it do?

    Air Gestures let users navigate the phone with out actually touching the device. Simply wave your hand over the screen to slide to the next home screen. With Smart Scroll, when reading, users simply need to just tilt the device forward or backward to scroll down the page.

    The Air Gesture feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you control the S IV without touching the screen. You can skip tracks, answer calls and scroll down emails, all just by gesturing or waving over the screen.

    What is it for?

    Air Gesture is a feature that makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 faster and easier to use. Want to skip that track youve heard too many times? You dont have to worry about hitting the skip button, just wave across the screen. Someone ringing? Gesture across the face of the S4 and the call will begin. But its also great if your hands are dirty or soaking wet, or if youre wearing very thick gloves. Just wave across and the S4 will do the rest.

    With Air View/Air Gesture in place you can take a look at previews, read contents, read couple lines in email and magnify text to read. That is the view part. With Air Gestures you can move a little forward and change tabs when you are browsing, switch tracks by showing a waving call and so on. It may all be great to have them on the mobile, but the problem is they dont work as meticulously you would like them to. The chances of making a wrong gesture can be very debilitating, and you will have to return back and do another gesture.

    How does it work?

    Head over to the Settings menu and you can turn on the Air Gesture feature. This then lets you control certain features of the phone just by waving across the screen. It means you can control incoming calls, the music player and emails without having to touch the display.

    In addition Air Gesture also lets users go up or down the screen, answer phone calls by a wave motion and still more things. The learning curve itself can be a little difficult to master. Practically, it is not much of a utility you may want to use in normal times. In fact it can be more straining to use them. The only thing that sets gesture apart from the swipe in Android phone is, you dont have to touch the screen only good enough if you dont want to touch the phone.
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    06-26-2013 10:32 PM
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    I think Air Gestures on the S4 is better than on the Note II cause you dont need to use a stylus.
    This will eliminate the chance of getting the stylus dirty.
    I hope they can allow both methods of using Air Gestures on the next Note 3.
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    06-27-2013 10:50 AM

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