1. Sergiosv's Avatar
    Hello everybody! I'm kind of new guy here! Got this problem connecting via usb. Searched on the internet, did other suggested tricks but nothing. Any clues to this? Want to manage my s4 through my MacBook! Is this so hard?
    06-27-2013 03:38 AM
  2. Fairclough's Avatar
    Follow the props on the screen to change your settings. I often forget to put it on too.

    Sometimes its dicky with me so I just use the qr scan. When the app works I find its a fantastic app.

    Posted via the mystical forest creatures that power this Nexus 4.
    06-27-2013 03:59 AM
  3. Sergiosv's Avatar
    Thanks for replying! What do you mean props in settings? Qr scan would be an option if the application installed on my mac had such option. Currently it says "coming soon". Checked for updates but my version is the current version. I used the up connecting my older samsung phone and, you re right, it's fantastic. Now i still try.
    06-27-2013 04:16 AM
  4. Fairclough's Avatar
    That sucks. I'm on the windows one. Well right now I'm on the walking to a school production. Anywho mine does WiFi too. Sorry for the typo. I meant prompts. Does yours show a walk through to turn the USB sleep off? If so follow that. Mine I think because mine is rooted. My developer settings have to be on also.

    Posted via the mystical forest creatures that power this Nexus 4.
    06-27-2013 05:05 AM
  5. Michael Diaz1's Avatar
    I am having the same issue someone help!
    07-24-2013 02:13 PM
  6. Kmoloo31's Avatar
    I am having this same problem. I have USB debugging on, but it says "oops your device is asleep, please try reconnecting etc." Did anyone find a way to fix this? I have a Galaxy s4 and am using it with my macbook pro
    09-16-2013 10:13 PM
  7. LaBoehme's Avatar
    Exact same issue for me.
    Mac Book Air with Samsung Galaxy S4--> "Oops! Your device is sleeping now..."
    I reconnected USB, restarted the phone...no success.

    Anyone found out how to fix this yet?
    09-22-2013 07:38 AM
  8. AmandaSmeek's Avatar
    I've got the exact same problem with my Note3. I've done the USB debugging, I'm using the correct cable, I've got it connected to the same network, it's definitely not asleep.
    10-15-2013 05:46 AM
  9. relaydenied's Avatar
    Well add me to - Note 3
    11-18-2013 12:20 AM
  10. jakatak4's Avatar
    this product is useless with the mac and a galaxy s4. no reply from support. Nice trial version. Saved me from wasting $40
    11-21-2013 12:35 PM

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