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    Hi. I'm strongly considering moving from my AT&T iPhone 4 to an Android phone, most likely the Samsung Galaxy S4. I have quite a few questions, but I'll use separate posts to keep things clean. As I'm new to Android (but very experienced in Linux/Open Source), please be gentile

    I am a bit of a privacy nut, and do not want under any circumstances to sync my calendar/contacts/notes/mail with Google, though most people seem to do it that way. I avoid all cloud services I can, so I'm looking to get data between my phone and my computer. I guess this can be seen as two different problems:
    1. I need to get my contacts (and of secondary concern, my calendar and notes) from my iPhone to my (soon to be purchased) S4.
    2. I need to sync my phone's calendar/contacts/notes with SOMETHING, under either Windows or Linux. Linux would be awesome, since that's what I'm using 98% of the time, but I do have a Windows 7 computer I can use for syncing.

    I also have at my disposal an OwnCloud server, which gives me CardDav and CalDav servers. If I were to use those (after I got the initial cal/contacts in) then that kinda solves my syncing problems other than things like notes and music. I have a feeling CalDav and CardDav won't support all the fields that Outlook and the S4 will, though. I don't want to lose data, so I'm willing to do extra work to make sure that doesn't happen.

    I have heard that Kies is buggy as hell. Not user if that's still the case, but the posts run about 80% or more negative on it. I also see posts mentioning MyPhoneExplorer and CompanionLink.

    What would you all recommend I do?

    Do you have any experience with these tools?
    Is there a way to get the data straight from my iPhone (or through my PC) without Outlook? (just to mention, I don't have an Exchange server).

    What about backups? I understand one does not simply remove the SD card on a regular basis, so backing up internal and SD will be essential. What do people use for that?
    06-27-2013 08:19 PM

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