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    As I decide bw the One and the S4, my own needs have really begun to crystallize. I have extreme issues with organization and am very visual. Smartphones, and especially Android's widgets, have been my savior. I love a good game of Words w Friends, but truly my smartphone has become a must-have life tool for the way my brain works.

    Lack of a home button might annoy the heck out of me, but I might get over that. But more importantly, I'm a big multi-tasker. For example, I'll repeatedly flip between the browser and an open doc in Evernote as I cut/paste text from the Web. When flipping between open apps on my HTC Rezound running Nova (or on my Nexus 7), I simply long press the home button and get the single column display of all open apps to easily and quickly revert back to another app, even with one hand. From what I can see, the One fills the screen with a grid of open apps which would be more cumbersome in my opinion. Ok on occasion, but I engage in this kind of work flow regularly. Doesn't the S4's multi-window address this exact need? Will potential lag ruin this functionality?

    So I guess my real question for me should be which phone is a better productivity tool. Hmm... I'm a media junkie, but, unless I'm in a pinch, I typically rely on my Nexus 7 for videos, YouTube and other entertainment. I really rely on my phone as life tool, and use it heavily throughout the day for these things. Appt scheduling, emailing, note-taking, fitness tracking and photos.

    Add to all this, my eyes are starting to go too (at 43, so sad!) and I find myself doing a LOT of zooming! The larger s4 screen couldn't hurt.

    Soooo.... It's really pointing toward the S4 for me, or am I missing some relevant features of the One that someone with both can point out for me?

    BTW - I've ruled out the Note 2 bc of size and lesser picture quality.


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