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    About a week ago, I made a post asking about the Chinese knockoff Spigen Neo Hybrid cases.

    I now have both cases, and decided to take pics and do a side by side comparison. The real one is $30 off Amazon and the fake one is $10 off ebay. If I'm being completely honest, they are almost identical in every way. Even the packaging is identical. The silicon/rubber portion on the real one is softer and more flexible than the Chinese knockoff version that is a little more firm/hard but still not bad quality. The plastic bumper/border on both are almost identical in terms of feel. I can actually take the bumper off the fake one and put it on the rubber cover of the real one, and vice versa... so that's cool. For $10, I'd say the knockoff version is perfectly adequate if you're tight on funds and think $30 on a case is expensive. Here's the ebay link I got it. Or here.
    Pics below show each case side by side off the phone, and then with them on the phone. Both fit perfectly. Real is satin silver and on right side. Fake is metallic slate and on left side.

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    07-02-2013 12:04 AM
  2. SERBDVB's Avatar
    hard to tell attaching more pictures will definitely help ;-)
    just kidding bro , looking at the pics looks ok to me
    07-02-2013 12:19 AM
  3. webbie2's Avatar
    I'm about to by the knock off. Does it work for the att variant?

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    07-02-2013 05:49 AM
  4. monsieurms's Avatar
    I hate to be a prude, but it's one thing to buy a case that LOOKS like a spigen. It's another to support someone who is actually selling a case falsely labeled as a Spigen.

    If that is in fact true--maybe it's not!--it's not only an affront to Spigen, it's consumer fraud and rips us off, too. We should know what we're getting when the outside of the case says "Spigen" or whatever, and not have to wonder whether it's real or not.
    07-02-2013 06:26 AM
  5. aggie's Avatar
    NOW I see this after I bought both the satin silver and metallic slate off amazon.

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    07-02-2013 06:31 AM
  6. Nguyenning's Avatar
    Yeah, I know there will be some who are ****-hurt about the buying a knockoff version but the seller on ebay does specifically say this is not the real Spigen Neo Hybrid and basically admits it's a knockoff. So, the consumer should know what they're getting into.

    If I worked for Spigen, then yes I'd be upset I guess
    07-02-2013 10:02 AM
  7. asmanikabutar's Avatar
    Wow! These seem to have improved a lot lately! The initial iterations of the fake one had a green color on the outside case rather than gray. Also, the metallic buttons were on the inner TPU instead of the outer frame. There were a few other differences such as mis-spelling the case name (NED HYBRID instead of NEO HYBRID).

    The one above looks very good - they fixed most of the flaws - buttons on the outside frame, gray color on the container, correctly spelled logo, etc. Are the buttons really metallic or just spray painted plastic, and how does the tactility of the buttons compare to the real one?

    Thanks for the photographs! :-)
    08-20-2013 08:55 PM
  8. fkpalm's Avatar
    I have both and and they are a real good knockoffs

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    08-20-2013 09:06 PM

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