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    I've had the S4 for 2 months now and am frustrated by the Auto Backup feature. If I go into the Samsung backup menu and click on Backup, a menu page appears with Auto Backup at the top. If you press on this option the following message appears: "Backup will be turned on when connected to Wi-Fi network while the screen is off and the device is charging. Backup will start an hour after backup is turned on. Auto backup is turned off for 24 hours after last backup...."

    I have tried for weeks to get this to work consistently. At night I turn off data and turn on WiFi... or I will turn on airplane mode and then turn on Wifi... I then put the phone on the charger overnight with the screen off. Rarely does this work.

    I am simply trying to get the data backed up to the cloud each night without having to manually go in and check to see if auto backup is working.

    Also, does the Google account syncing automatically back up all data to the cloud???

    BTW, I recently added the app GO Backup, which allows me to backup daily to the SD card, but does not have the option to schedule auto backups to the cloud (although it does allow manual cloud backups).

    My goal is if my phone is lost/stolen, or damaged to where it can not be accessed, I would like to be able to restore everything to the replacement phone. Additionally, because I don't know when such loss or damage would occur to my phone, I would like to have the security to know that auto backup saved my data within the previous 24 hours!!!
    07-04-2013 01:03 PM

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