1. jmoney55's Avatar
    Just got my samsung galaxy s4. Everytime I try to use "classic" view it does not work it uses some different format. I ve tried changing the settings to view this different but nothing works. Any ideas or is there somthing wrong with the phone or just me. I use ebay a lot so if anyone could please help. Thanks
    07-06-2013 11:34 AM
  2. HPferoxCraft's Avatar
    I can never get desktop mode in the stock browser to ever work consistently.
    I use Boat Browser and Maxthon both of which you can change the User Agent to desktop and it sticks. Pretty sure Dolphin does though I haven't played with that one much.
    In Firefox you have to download an add on and that will do it, think it's called Phony, haven't used FF much on this phone yet either though.
    Hope some of this helps.
    07-06-2013 12:35 PM

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