1. ncreptile's Avatar
    CF rooted my phone today, also downloaded Titanium Root

    I have a 64gb sd card but I CF rooted my phone before the update that sent apps to SD card could be installed..

    Now that my phone is rooted, how do I make everything new go to the SD card?

    Having done the ChainFire root, I did not do any backup and no backup software was installed to my knowledge.. Only Odin was installed..
    07-08-2013 10:31 PM
  2. ncreptile's Avatar
    Really nobody has an answer?
    If I offered money to answer the question would someone be interested?

    Really starting to hate my choice to leave apple for android..
    07-09-2013 07:07 PM
  3. erasat's Avatar
    If you are interested in moving your Apps to SD, I would wait for your new update to come through your carriers, and try to update first, if it doesn't update because you are root, then you should go to Odin and restore Original Firmware there, let it update and then use your App2SD option.

    It seems that with the new update we are loosing actual root, but like I said, if for you is very important to move APP2SD then it's one way to do it, even without root, you can go to the Application manager on Settings and in there you can disable almost anything you want, that is the same as freezing the app, so you will have your APP2SD and Semi De-Bloated, then sit down and wait for a new explot to appear and there you can re-root your phone and keep doing what you were trying to do. Just MHO.
    07-09-2013 07:15 PM

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