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    Well, I have finally taken the plunge and moved from iOS (iPhone 5) to Android (Galaxy S4).
    thought I would jot down a couple of observations, although with only 5 days of using the Android device it is probably a bit premature to judge. interested in other similar stories of moving from iOS to Android.
    Overall, I didn't have too much trouble getting it set up. Immediate reactions:
    • wow - big screen!
    • wow - you can take the back cover off AND replace the battery!
    • wow - you can add widgets!

    Set up of my primary apps was simple - exchange server (email, contacts, calendar), evernote, flipboard, remember the milk (tasks), chrome (book marks synced), gmail, plex
    These apps all look and behave pretty much the same as the iOS equivalent, so I felt right at home.
    There were a range of useful articles that I read straight away:

    ​Links removed by Moderator

    So, with this info in mind I did the following:
    • loaded Nova Launcher Prime - drag and drop folders, smooth scrolling, easy app delete. very good, much better than TouchWiz
    • selected DigiCal+ for calendar - good layout, very functional. widgets are excellent
    • enabled developer options, and sped up animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale. very snappy, no lag
    • added widgets for flipboard - such a different approach from iOS

    I think people make a fuss of apple app store having more apps than google play - I can't see this is an issue. more than enough apps and choices to suit me.
    Differences from iOS:
    • using "contacts+" but I can't seem to get an icon badge to display missed calls, sms, etc. Always liked this on iOS. Looks like you just have to pull down the notification centre to see thisI have icon badges for email, but not calls
    • battery has been quite variable, except for today. Today I was on 45% on return from work, so similar to iPhone. Previous days were a problem, not lasting all day. I did switch off Google Now last night, so suspect this was the culprit
    • task bar - I had a jail broken iPhone so task manager and notifications were good. haven't got used to the long press of the home key and the large icons. Am looking for a horizontally scrolling task manager

    There are just so many things that you can do to an android device, that you cannot do to an iPhone without jailbreaking.
    Overall, I am exceptionally pleased with the move. iOS just isn't cutting it any more (even with iOS7 just around the corner). Only issue now is what to do with the other 8 iOS devices in my house!
    07-10-2013 07:15 AM

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