1. Randy Paries's Avatar
    Now i have the latest android update from at&t which allows me to move apps to the SD card.
    I would like to move all my picts/gallery to the sd card
    can this be done, and anyone know how to do it?

    07-10-2013 10:17 AM
  2. ateganda29's Avatar
    Depending on how much photos you have in your Gallery, you may want to use either Kies or your phone. If you don't have that much, you can go to My Files, All Files, Internal Storage, Pictures, Select all or the photos you want to move, click the three horizontal line icon on the top right corner of the screen will give you options to either move or copy. Choose Move and then go through your External SD card to find the path where you want to save on your SD.

    I believe you can also use Kies to move music, photos, etc. to external SD though I haven't tried it personally. Maybe someone else can chime in and tell us how to do it using Kies.
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    07-10-2013 10:23 AM
  3. nickgalaxys4's Avatar
    When you put an SDcard in your phone and go to camera a box will pop up and say would you like to save all pictures to you SD card. The SD card will not save screen shot or burst shoots
    07-10-2013 11:28 AM

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