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    Hi all just a big warning, use the Samsung Tectiles 2 at your own risk because that is Samsung's position on how they want to support them. I bought a new pack this week for my S4 and proceeded to program them. One tectile I programmed to call a number, insert a pause, then dial a passcode AFTER reading all instructions and warnings including the online site. Many of us do this to dial into conference numbers that require a passcode automatically...standard fare. When trying to use it I subsequently got back an 'invalid tag' error and that's all you'll get going forward. When trying to reprogram the tile, clear the tectile, or even just read the tectile to see how it is programmed same result.....invalid tag....the tectile is toast. I confirmed this by ruining another of my tectiles the same way (stupid maybe but I was trying to isolate the cause) and then calling Samsung Level 2 tech support who eventually confirmed using the pause character is a known issue (full disclosure before I'm asked....tectiles were brand new, not mishandled, cut, bent, submerged in water, not looked at the wrong way, tortured, or generally abused or misused in any way). I also confirmed there was no warning or clear documentation for us end users that using the pause character would break this Samsung product I gave them my money for. So I thought ok great, this is a clear cut replacement/warranty/chance for Samsung to step up opportunity....no dice. Level 2 support and even the supervisor essentially told me they could not replace the tectiles after they've been written too, despite the lack of warning, despite it being a confirmed issue, and despite the fact that writing to the tectile in this way is what broke it!! A few flimsy tectiles?....I'll get over the cash I spent on them. The fact that Samsung cannot stand up to such a clear cut case of support leaves a very sour taste in my mouth and in one action suddenly and completely destroyed the mounting fast confidence I had in the company as a recent convert via the S4. I'm sorry but the 'use at your own risk especially cuz we're not telling you the known issues' stance has me running for the hills to a company that will stand behind its products. The Motorola/Google phones can't come fast enough for me now even though I just converted to Samsung from a Motorola phone. Anyone have any additional thoughts, tips, comments on this?

    Lesson 1: Don't put pauses in phone numbers when programming auto dialing in tectiles...learn from my mistake cuz Samsung won't tell you about it
    Lesson 2: Do not buy Samsung NFC tags if you have issue with Samsung's use at your own risk at all costs stance on this product
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    07-10-2013 07:53 PM
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    That's horrible. Its a known issue and they refuse to refund or replace simply because you tried programing them using a key they know is causing them to malfunction but yet give no warning? I'd file a claim with my bank, credit card, debt, or paypal if such purchase method was used.

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    07-10-2013 08:01 PM
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    UPDATE: I sent a note to Samsung's customer service department and they seem more willing to step up. They have started an exchange process and even emailed me a label to ship them back the tiles. I then got a new pack of TecTiles directly from Samsung at my door and I hadn't even dropped mine in the mail yet to exchange. I called them about it and they told me I did not need to send the old ones in. Ultimately Samsung stood behind their product but it was an equation of who you called....customer support stands behind the product but don't expect tech support to be any help. In the end I'm happy and am glad I finally got to customer support.
    07-12-2013 01:19 PM

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