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    Okay, so long story short. I play Ingress like a champ, and it requires GPS. Normally I do NOT have the option on my S4 for "Wi-Fi & Mobile Network Location" checked off, and only have "GPS Satellites" checked. I normally hit 15 of 23 satellites so this has never been an issue. I get fast response.

    Yesterday, my Ingress stopped working. I fiddled around and ended up checking the "Wi-Fi & Mobile Network Location" which made it work, and find satellites, but found that without it checked and only have GPS Satellites checked I hit 0 of 0 satellites.

    I racked my brain and asked friends and couldn't figure it out for the life of me. I ended up doing a factory restore. First thing I checked when my phone restored was if I could get satellites with "Wi-Fi & Mobile Network Location" unchecked. BOOM I could! It worked. Then I reinstalled all my apps and to my dismay, again it didn't work! At this point I knew it was an app causing the issue.

    I recalled that "Weather" but MacroPinch had updated just before the issue has started. So I had already done another factory restore by this time, but this time I left WEATHER off. And all worked. But then to test and double check I installed it, and BOOM no satellites unless I had "Wi-Fi & Mobile Network Location" checked.

    I know this is a VERY obscure problem. And many may not use Ingress, and Weather and have the option for ""Wi-Fi & Mobile Network Location"" Unchecked so they wouldn't even noticed an issue, but if there is even 1 person out there racking their brain with the same issue at least this will be there for him or her!

    07-11-2013 09:00 AM

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