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    I got the S4 on contract a few weeks ago now and I've noticed a few issues with the handset that are disappointing me a little. I had the S3 before and I feel like they've actually taken a step down in some of the features.

    One of the biggest concerns for me is how quickly the handset gets overheated during usage when using the phone, in particular gaming. The phone gets hot within a couple of minutes and I mean uncomfortably hot to the point I can't hold it. Never had that issue with the S3, although I imagine the processor on the S4 is a lot more intense so this could be why, would be interested to know if other people get this issue during gaming especially, too.

    I have also found the front camera to be worse quality than the S3, I find that the picture can sometimes be hazy/dreamy looking in lower light.. but the odd thing is, this usually happens when the shutter is pressed, before I take the photo it looks ok on screen but turns hazy when I snap the picture. Odd! Not such an issue in pure daylight outside but, if I'm in my room during the evening, it's not great at all!

    The front camera however is awesome. Love the quality. I did like using the warm/cold vintage filters from the S3 though and the S4 doesn't have these.. there isn't really an equivalent to these on the S4.. which I can get over, there are plenty of photo editing apps I can use for that. But I can't understand why you're unable to use the flash in combination with the filters? You could do this on the S3 so why not the S4?

    Another couple of qualms but no biggy.. no more FM radio.. the air gestures/view etc don't work throughout the phone which makes it slightly pointless but, probably wouldn't make much use of these anyway... I synced my Facebook contacts to my phone, so their profile photos appear in my contact list as thumbnails but the thumbnails are small and bad quality! I'm a bit of a visual perfectionist and this type of thing really annoys me! When I make a call, the photo only takes up half of the space where the contact photo appears. If I set a assign one of my own photos to a contact this problem doesn't occur, I just think it's the way it has taken the photos from Facebook, but again, did not have this issue with the S3!

    Would like to hear other peoples thought's on their S4, especially those who've transitioned from the S3.. and if some of these issues are normal or should I be getting in touch with Samsung under my warranty?
    07-15-2013 04:10 AM

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