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    New to the Android market from the iPhone....mixed impressions with my GS4 Active so far, but I think I'll come around. I am having a problem though. I moved a bunch of pictures and all my music from itunes to a 32GB SD card. No problems initially, but then after making some corrections in Kies to my music (the phone whould show a bunch of songs under "Unknown Artist" so I tried manually correcting it in Kies like you do with iTunes) and re-syncing, it's now showing the SD card is full...I went from 20-22GB of free space on the SD card to only 500MB or so available. It would seem like the sync duplicated (tripled?) all my music, but there aren't any duplicates on the phone after looking through most of my songs. I tried a couple apps to eliminate duplicates, but it's still showing full. Thoughts? Do I have to reformat and resync everything? (Is there a better program than Kies to sync and backup the phone?)

    Thanks all.
    07-17-2013 10:06 AM

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