1. meldog312's Avatar
    Ok, sprint, apple and samsung seem to have no clue so lets see if anyone else has any ideas

    Had an iPhone lost it in the lake while on a dive call so couldn't turn off iMessage, deregistered the iPhone and changed the password. Had an evo for 3-4 days and was able to text the people who i am now having issues texting. Got the S4 now and when i send a text to some phone numbers it changes from the number to @vtext.com or @vzwpix.com or @pm.sprint.com at first it seemed to be only iPhones but now I have people with androids doing the same thing, and sometimes when people text me it comes from that email address and not just their number either. Also some people with iPhones cannot text me what so ever, they can only get my texts......

    Any ideas of things i can tell sprint or do to my phone?
    07-18-2013 08:55 AM
  2. android_forum_user's Avatar
    I have Galaxy S3 and am having the same issue recently with one of my Contacts. It adds either @vtext or @vzwpic when I send them a SMS to just their phone number as well as their replies come through different than how I send. They are an iPhone User as well and this started happening roughly a month ago. I have even gone through and completely deleted the Contact and just tried to send a message by typing their phone number and it still added the @vtext to their phone number. I have searched through all of my Contacts, including the auto added email addresses, and cannot find any reference to any Contract with @vtext in it. I'm not sure why it is converting the plain phone number for this one Contact. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know. Thanks!
    07-31-2013 01:11 PM

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