1. str8bucs's Avatar
    How many of you actually use the S View cover and do you find it awkwardly in the way while using the phone?

    Also is there another way to protect the phone while the S View cover is being used?

    I worry more about the camera lens being scratched up and drops, although I have never dropped my phone I always use at least a thin TPU case.

    07-19-2013 10:17 AM
  2. vferrari's Avatar
    I actually use a snap on (i.e., you retain the original battery cover and snap the phone into the case) third party sview cover (~$10US - search for YESOO on AMZ or elsewhere) that provides some physical back protection (vs. the OEM which merely is a battery back cover replacement with a flip cover). Love the protection it provides for "pocket transport" of the phone and it folds back without issue to make calls (you don't have to fold it back to take a call). For 10 bucks I don't mind it taking the abuse (rather than the phone) from the keys and whatever else is in my pocket. After a couple of months, it is holding up great. The plastic sview window is naturally getting some scratches, but its actually not as bad as I would have thought and doesn't detract from the sview functionality at all. I only find it awkward when using the rear camera because you have to let the cover hang down vice just folding it back which is what I do when normally using the phone for other than pics. The one I have also has a magnetic latch that seems better at keeping the flip cover closed vs. the Samsung OEM. If you want the OEM sview cover (overpriced IMO unless you go with a knockoff) then consider getting a Spigen Flip Mate Back Cover protector for physical protection of the cam and case.
    07-19-2013 10:34 AM

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