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    Alright so a problem just randomly showed up today for me. I can't seem to add any Eye in the Sky widgets to my home screen. I had one up before and then today it just randomly disappeared. I thought okay maybe I did something to remove it so I tried to put up a new one. I dragged the widget over to the home screen, it took me to the widget options and I put in the color for the text, set the background to transparent and then I pressed okay and nothing. The widget didn't show up. I then tried to put up other widgets like one from power toggles, and that didn't show up. BatteryGuru widget showed up. The stock weather widget showed up. It seems as if 3rd party widgets don't show up at all... I don't think BatteryGuru could have anything to do with the issue but then again I haven't tried to uninstall it first and then try adding the widgets again. It's as if it force closes or something.

    Update: It definitely isn't Snapdragon Battery Guru, I uninstalled it and tried to add the widgets but it wouldn't work. I can't seem to add widgets from other 3rd party apps like the weather channel app, power toggles, but I can add the stock widgets...idk wth is going on and its frustrating.
    07-19-2013 03:53 PM

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