1. acsurfer's Avatar
    Is there a Samsung S4 lock to lock the phone to the car, maybe something like Kensington lock for laptop? I want to lock my S4 to the car.

    I am a cab driver, and I use S4 for GPS navigation, I want something to secure S4 to the car to prevent theft by the passengers. Thanks
    07-22-2013 09:27 PM
  2. acsurfer's Avatar
    Anyone know what are those things that are used in the phone shops to prevent theft called? Those that stick firmly to the back of the phone demo sets in the phone shop to prevent theft
    07-24-2013 01:23 AM
  3. Nerelda's Avatar
    I'm not really sure what they're called. Security Pad maybe?

    I just found this that might work for you though. It's a pretty neat idea.

    acsurfer likes this.
    07-24-2013 10:43 AM
  4. Not Quite Right's Avatar
    From your passengers?! I don't get it ... are there not barriers between the front and back seats? If not won't you still be sitting there? If they're gonna take your phone they're certainly going to rob your *** too...
    acsurfer likes this.
    07-24-2013 11:18 AM

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