1. Crozzer's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I've recently bought an unlocked i9500 and have been using the home screen to wake the phone up. Now when I wake the phone up (when it isn't locked) the screen opens up the active apps page. I know this can be done by keeping the home button pressed, but it happens when just tapping it. It is also intermintant i.e. sometimes it opens on home screen and sometimes opens on the active apps screen. Any idea how I can solve this ? I know I can use the power button instead, but the home button is more convenient in my opinion.

    07-23-2013 09:51 AM
  2. HPferoxCraft's Avatar
    Are you using just the stock touchwiz launcher? I'm not sure if you can change the home button function with that one. Install a different launcher from the play store like Nova, Adw or Buzz launcher. Under those launchers settings look for gestures, then you can change the function of the button to just your home screen and then associate the active app screen to a different gesture of your choosing.
    Nothing stood out to me in the stock launcher to be able to change it.
    07-23-2013 10:30 AM

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