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    When I bought my s4 I had a spare 8gb card laying around. I used it for a few weeks until I ordered a 64gb card. I took out the 8gb card, copied its contents to a folder on my mac then copied that folder to the newly formatted exfat 64gb card. My phone sees the new card and registers it's size correctly. In the file browser though, the /mnt/sdcard folder points to some internal storage area or partition. The new sdcard is mounted at /mnt/extsdcard. So any programs that default to /mnt/sdcard gobble up my space incredibly fast. My phone is rooted, and I use the nightly builds of cyanogen. I'd like to have my rom manager put backups on the real sdcard and not the internal storage. Perhaps the age other functions that also utilize the default /mnt/sdcard path the I want to point to the 64gb sdcard. Can this be accomplished?

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    07-23-2013 12:29 PM

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