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    Long story short... I cracked the glass on the front display.

    I've seen the many videos on replacing the glass (since my actual display is just fine, just the glass is cracked), and fully plan on replacing the glass myself. Unfortunately, none of them seem to display the best method of replacing the glass. Some re-use the old adhesive, which I plan to replace entirely. But that's neither here nor there... I know how to replace it. I just want to ensure a quality replacement product.

    I see a lot of different options for replacement glass purchases. None of which seem to be actual matches. I see the Black color for the S4, but with a Blue Mist option in parenthesis, which indicates to me that it's a knockoff of the S3, which isn't a perfect replacement. Nor do I see any that advertise an actual tempered glass like Gorilla Glass as a replacement.

    I fully plan on removing the glass, replacing the old adhesive with some decent 3M adhesive, and wish to have a quality glass replacement.

    Can anybody recommend a quality product? I'd hate to order a replacement, and not be 100% satisfied with what I received.
    07-23-2013 06:29 PM

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