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    Okay, I finally got everything working the way I wanted. I am posting this in case it helps someone else. Admittedly, I did have to use a Rube Goldberg method to get this working but it works nonetheless. I hope that this will work for others wanting to accomplish the same results.

    As I mentioned before, I just moved over to Android from iOS this past week. Prior to the move, I have owned every iPhone version that has come out. Most recently, I owned the iPhone 5.
    While there are many things that I loved about the iPhone, there was one very important thing that I disliked. That was my experience with the iPhone while driving. I wished that the iPhone would know when I was in my car and would facilitate the driving experience for me. For example, automatically launch apps I commonly used during my drive to work i.e. Sirius Satellite and Siri for easy navigation. I also wanted Siri to automatically read incoming text to me. Have Siri be proactive and not reactive. While the iPhone was NOT capable of completing some of these tasks, that ones that it could perform required some effort on my part i.e. pressing the Home button to summand Siri. Therefore, in doing research, I found that Android phones offered a better experience while driving and decided on purchasing my Samsung Galaxy S4. After disabling all the unnecessary bloatware (Thanks ATT & Samsung) and making other customization, I was left with what I considered a great phone. Not perfect but certainly better than my iPhone for the most part. There are things I will miss like iMessage, Siri Navigation, iCloud and the iOS ecosystem. Anyways, that is enough talking. Here is what I did to get things the way I like them.

    My Places: After pairing my phone with my Honda Pilots HandsFreeLink, I navigated to Settings | More | Location Services | My Places | Car | Bluetooth and chose Bluetooth followed by OK. In doing this, I am telling my phone that when it connects to the HandsFreeLink, that I am in my car. When not connected to HandsFreeLink, this tells my phone I am NOT in my car. The last part is very important, as this is what turns off Driving Mode.

    S-Voice: I then accessed S- Voice and selected Settings | Driving Mode | My Place for Driving Mode | Set My Place | Car and ensured that HandsFreeLink was selected under Bluetooth. In doing so, I am telling my phone to place itself in Driving Mode when connected and conversely turn off Driving Mode when not connected. This may be redundant based on the steps I outlined before. However, when I first set this up, things were not working. When I disconnected from Bluetooth, Driving Mode remained on until I turned it off manually. See thread for details.


    NFC Task Launcher: The next thing I wanted to do was disable some settings while in the car as well as launch Sirius XM app. I geeked out and did the following:

    Task Name: Car Configuration
    Speak Text: Hello Houdini. Enabling car customizations.
    Speak Text: Bluetooth enabled.
    Enable Bluetooth
    Speak Text: Sirius Satellite started.
    Speak Text: Configuration completed. Drive safely.
    Launch activity SiriusXM.

    I wrote this to an NFC tag and placed it in my car. Now, when I enter my car, I just quickly place my phone over the NFC tag to complete the above steps. I then turn on my car and Drive Mode enables automatically based on My Places configuration.

    Media Button Router: Another issue I had, which I could not find an answer to, was that my music would play automatically upon connecting to my HandsFreeLink. I do not like this, as I do not listen to music much. In addition, this caused the playback via SiriusXM to be interrupted or fail. Not to mention the embarrassing song that kept playing without rhyme or reason. Anyone else have daughters? So I found a thread here that talked about Media Button Router. See thread for details.


    I was able to prevent the Music App from launching by doing the following in the Media Button Router settings:

    • Enable | Checked
    • Timeout Speed: Too Fast
    • Disable text-to-speech
    • Apps to Show In Selector: Uncheck All

    In doing so, I am telling Media Button Router to take care of handling playback requests via Bluetooh. By not checking any of the Apps listed, I am essentially telling it to do nothing. Be sure to disable text-to-speech so you are not asked to "play with what?" and also set to timeout speed to too fast so the screen goes away quickly. So when my HandsFreeLink connects, iCarly wont start playing automatically and it wont disrupt my SiriusXM playback.

    Anyways, I know it is a long read but I hope it helps someone else out. It took me a couple of days to get everything squared away. I am still trying to find out how to kill an app when Bluetooh disconnects without having to root. Although, I am not ready for that just yet, I realize I may have too. I hate that I can only disable the bloatare instead of uninstalling so I can recoup space. Luckily I have been jailbreaking iPhones since the beginning so I hope the transition will be smoother.
    07-25-2013 08:29 PM
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    Cool story bro. This is exactly why I prefer android over apple. Yea, ios works great out of the box, but you can't make it "yours." A little tinkering and you got yourself a pretty sweet and customized setup.

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    07-25-2013 10:46 PM

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