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    Everything.me is a new, out of the box launcher that's really wowed me!

    First off, it has "Smart folders"... choose from a list of smart folders, say, games, or movies, or photography or music... once you've created them on your desktop, when you open them, they present you with a customized background image! Open Games folder, and you'll see a picture of a controller. I created a smart folder called "Rewards", and when I open it, it displays a background with different types of store coupons! If you have a Games folder already on your desktop and you later download a new game, no need to create a shortcut, and drag it into the Games folder! Everything.me handles the chore with aplomb.

    Not only that, when you open, say, Games, it displays all of your game apps, but what's even better is, below a horizontal line, it displays OTHER games you don't even have on your device! Open Movies, and again, all of your movie related apps show at the top of the screen, but below the horizontal line, numerous other apps you don't have, but may find useful appear, as if by magic! Some of them open right away, but a few of them take you to the Play Store, where you can quickly download them!

    Everything.me (Everything Dot Me) goes even further!

    Tap on the mic, next to "What's on your mind"... type at the top of the home screen, say, for example, Superman... and presto chango... Superman appears as your background! tap to open ImDB, and it'll display recent and past Superman movies! Open eBay, and you'll be presented with Superman items you can purchase!

    Seldom do you come across an app which evolved from a great concept, fantastic implementation, and amazing usefulness!

    Everything.me is one of those few brilliant apps!

    You can find it still in beta, for free, in the Play Store!
    07-26-2013 02:14 AM

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