1. ItzAiyana Biznatch's Avatar
    So, I was just wondering if it is possible to use a Chinese made Samsung Galaxy S4 clone with AT&T without them adding on a data plan? I would obviously have data turned off on the device and would only use wifi on it. Would they recognize the IMEI number? If anyone knows anything and can tell me more about it, it would be very much appreciated.

    Aiyana (:
    07-28-2013 05:57 AM
  2. Khanh Dinh's Avatar
    It varies. Just head to a store and get a Sim activated for minutes and text only

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    07-28-2013 07:37 AM
  3. Almeuit's Avatar
    I would ask them to put a data block on the line.. That way you won't have to worry.

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    07-29-2013 07:45 AM
  4. ItzAiyana Biznatch's Avatar
    If I get a data block on my line then will it matter if they know I have a smartphone?
    07-31-2013 08:27 PM
  5. Craig Rogers's Avatar
    AT&T should let you choose to not have data on your phone since it wasn't purchased through them. Typically when a phone is purchased through AT&T, they require special options such as a data plan for the special price of the phone. Seeing your phone is an off contract purchase outside of AT&T, you should be fine. However, why you would want to buy a knock off galaxy s4 baffles me
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    07-31-2013 08:36 PM
  6. ItzAiyana Biznatch's Avatar
    I have a plan with AT&T already but for a basic messaging phone with no data.
    07-31-2013 08:59 PM
  7. Craig Rogers's Avatar
    You should be able to just swap the card no problems then, you won't even have to bring the phone in. You may need to cut a standard sim to a micro sim, but that's pretty easy to do. Ah the wonders of gsm, it makes it so much easier

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    07-31-2013 09:03 PM
  8. ItzAiyana Biznatch's Avatar
    So that they won't recognize it.
    07-31-2013 11:35 PM
  9. bigkevbosky's Avatar
    I dunno - people report that AT&T is really good at spotting IMEI numbers and they know exactly what phone you're using - but I'm not so sure.

    I have a micro sim that I had in an adapter that I put into an iPhone 3GS. So AT&T, on their website under my account, shows I have an iPhone 3GS. Then I had bought two unlocked devices not sold in the US except through Expansys or Newegg or whatever - a Samsung Ativ S i8750 and a Galaxy S4 i9500. Both phones are meant for international markets and won't get LTE on AT&T. Either phone, if I put my micro sim in it, works great on AT&T. Yet neither one shows up on their website under "my account" - it still thinks I'm using an iPhone 3GS.

    So yeah, you probably will be able to put your current sim into a Chinese "smart phone" and have it work fine without data.
    08-01-2013 09:26 AM

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