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    Hippy midlife crisis: a shiny new red Prius. Links fine to the S4 and does what it should.
    But, I cannot get it to automatically (with Tasker) play a playlist.
    1) the Prius always selects the Samsung player.
    2) I can't find a way to set a different default player.
    3) I can't find a way to make a shortcut to a Samsung playlist so I can get at it with Tasker
    4) if I have tasker open a playlist from another player, I have 2 players going and I have to manually select the alternative one
    5) I used Synctunes to get my iTunes playlists synced with the Samsung player, and ES File explorer to put a shortcut to the Syntunes playlist on my home screen. Even though the default player has the Synctunes playlists in there, if I try to open the playlist file directly, I get a message that the file type isn't supported.

    I'd be happy to do any one of the following:
    disable the Samsung player
    select a different player as default
    create a shortcut to a Samsung playlist

    I could do all of these things on my old Galaxy S. This "upgrade" has me down.
    Any suggestions?
    07-30-2013 01:59 PM

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