1. Gagan Johal's Avatar
    I recently bought an S4 i9505 (a big jump the S I9000) and realised straight away that there is no way to move apps to an external memory card. I have waited and waited but not one update has come through despite everyone else somehow receiving it. I have tried through OTA and Kies but it just says I have the latest software installed every time I check. I would appreciate any help from anyone. I'm on 3 (sigh...) but my phone comes under BTU, and many people with BTU don't seem to have got the update either. 3 weren't any help at all and neither were Samsung when I contacted them for assistance.

    AP: I9505XXUAMDM
    CP: I9505XUAMDM
    CSC: I9505XXAMDB
    08-12-2013 10:07 AM
  2. MagicMike Kelley's Avatar
    What is your current version?
    08-12-2013 10:28 AM
  3. Gagan Johal's Avatar
    Android 4.2.2
    Baseband Version: I9505XXUAMDM

    Also what does 'SELinux status: Permissive' mean?
    08-12-2013 10:44 AM

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