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    First of all sorry if I posted this in the wrong topic, hopefully it can be moved to the right topic if that is the case.

    Different tip and trick tutorials for android what I have recorded in Youtube Videos (Recorded with the Samsung Galaxy S4), but this will work on more newer Samsung Phone's with android 4.2.2 + firmware until now. Maybe the most will know this tips and tricks but some of you don't and this videos can help in that case.

    The videos are between the 30 seconds and 3 minutes because I want to keep the tutorials short but sweet.

    Android Tutorial 1 - Disable Sidebar Android

    Android Tutorial 2 - Quickly to the appropriate settings

    Android Tutorial 3 - Edit Text on Lockscreen

    Android Tutorial 4 - Desktop View for Internet Browser

    Android Tutorial 5 - Place applications in alphabetical order and Hide unused apps

    My channel

    Maybe this videos could be helpfull, I do Requests for android videos so if People are interested please post in this topic a request and I can make it.
    I will (if you are interested) keep this topic updated when new videos are online.
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    08-12-2013 03:37 PM

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