1. mado1999's Avatar
    Hello, I'm trying to update my GS4 via OTA .It starts download , when it finishes download it tells me "download error".Did anywone face the same problem? What should i do? Unmout my sd card maybe?
    08-14-2013 03:35 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    It doesn't sound like it's finishing the download. Why don't you try updating while in WiFi? It's usually a more stable connection and, besides, when updating your phone, it's best to either have a full battery or have the device plugged in while doing so (you DON'T want your device to turn itself off mid-update)
    fantom305 likes this.
    08-14-2013 03:43 PM
  3. mado1999's Avatar
    Ok i'll try thanks anyway
    08-16-2013 12:53 PM

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