1. viktor krievins's Avatar
    There is a dot on the bottom-left corner of the screen. It is black in colour and looks like dirt, but it is untouchable. This makes me wonder if a spec of dirt, somehow, got under the display.
    Is this normal, or is something wrong?
    Attached Thumbnails My Samsung Galaxy S4 has a black dot on the screen.-20130814_225938.jpg  
    08-14-2013 05:06 PM
  2. gxblin's Avatar
    Hi Viktor, I'm not sure how a spec of dirt could get under your screen. However, it is more likely to be a dead (or stuck) pixel of the display itself. It obviously shows with a white background can you notice it with colorful backgrounds?
    If it ends up being a dead pixel I'm not entirely sure if it's fixable.
    Also if you Google dead pixel you can find a lot of useful info.
    08-14-2013 05:16 PM
  3. MagicMike Kelley's Avatar
    It looks like something that should just be able to be flicked off :P But I agree with gxblin. If you can't fix it EASILY I say exchange for a new one. It's still under warranty.
    08-14-2013 07:41 PM
  4. troshs's Avatar
    I'm not sure where it is anymore but there is an online thing you can do through your browser which can work out dead pixels, its basically a piece of the page where the pixels rapidly change color and position. What you do with it is you put the piece of the page over where your dead pixel is and run it for something like an hour. Its supposed to exercise the dead pixel (funny way of putting it) out. I can't seem to find it but if I do I will post a link.
    08-15-2013 07:14 AM
  5. viktor krievins's Avatar
    The pixel is shown in colourful backgrounds too.

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    08-15-2013 08:24 AM
  6. viktor krievins's Avatar
    Can you explain to me, how I can get a replacement. Thanks

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    08-15-2013 08:42 AM

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