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    My question is this: Why did the music I downloaded through my ZunePass work (ie. play with no issues) on the S2, but will not play on the S4? And, is there a way to fix this?

    The longer version of this is: I download DRM protected music from Zune using my ZunePass. Windows Media player finds this music and adds it to its library. I can then move the music onto my Galaxy S2 where it will play with no issues. However if I try to move the music onto my Galaxy S4, none of it plays. It seems to me that possibly support for this was removed, but I'm so new to the world of Android that I don't even know where to look for this answer. I do know that the Galaxy S2 was running an older version of Android, though I don't know which version. And I know that my S4 is running on Sprint with the stock Rom. What I think is that the files I'm trying to play are WMDRM format (Windows Media DRM).

    I understand that 1) there are ways to circumvent the DRM that is causing my issues, and 2)Google has an alternative to ZunePass now. But I'm not really interested 1) in adding a step and duplicating data and complicating music syncing to my phone nor 2) getting rid of the service that allows me to put music on my ZuneHD, Sansa Clip, and old Windows Phone - all I can eat, with 10 free DRM-free downloads per month.

    I naively thought that a newer version of Android would naturally have all of the functions of the older version and therefore didn't hesitate to get an S4 when it became available to me. But now I'm seeing that it might not be so simple.

    Thanks for you help.
    08-20-2013 01:44 PM

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