1. GeekNews's Avatar
    This is a new one for me. Running the stock email App on an AT&T GS4, every week or two for the past 3-4 months the GMail and ATT.Net email accounts seem to randomly be removed from the device. It acts like the app data was totally wiped clean, but it only appears to be on the stock email and/or gmail app. I've made sure the phone is totally updated, tried a factory reset and everything. I'll set the accounts up, they'll work fine for a few weeks, then I'll go to check for new mail and they are completely gone.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
    08-23-2013 07:48 PM
  2. Lubna's Avatar
    I have two gmail email accounts configured with the application I also SGS4 mails disappear when tested.
    Other gmail app works well with a single account that I have also.

    The two accounts are configured as pop3 gmail. In the phone disappear but the computer work well.

    Must be the email application
    08-24-2013 03:45 AM
  3. GeekNews's Avatar
    Sounds like only your emails are disappearing, I'm talking about the entire accounts. Settings, emails and all. I launch the app to check my email and all I get is an option to setup an account. This one really has me stumped.
    08-24-2013 04:27 PM
  4. lauriemcclare's Avatar
    I can't get any emaol account to work except gmail. It says that it can't find my pop3 server.
    08-25-2013 11:51 AM
  5. jason_public's Avatar
    I've had the same problem. I have an IMAP email account that just disappears every few weeks. I can put it back in the phone, and everything syncs back up, but there's no evidence as to why the account vanished in the first place.

    Anyone have a solution?
    09-08-2013 10:21 PM
  6. STSVA's Avatar
    Here's a long shot. It sounds like the email app data is being wiped. By any chance are any of you using something like a data cleaner on your phones that might be wiping the email app data?
    09-09-2013 07:42 AM

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