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    hey everyone

    im new here so i apologize if there is any form of etiquette on Android Central Forums in regards to posting topics, but i didnt know where else to go to get answers for my problem.

    Recently i have been noticing that my photos are getting a weird date attached to them. for example, when i save a twitter or tumblr pic, it should end up being the first photo in the folders correct? but that doesnt happen. sometimes they dont even show up unless i go into the files folder and manually locate it.

    thats one problem.

    my second one i have been noticing is that the ones that are successful at saving, if i go into details about the picture under date say: "12-7-1969 7:00pm". EVERY SINGLE ONE!! And because of the date on the picture, the ordering of them in the gallery folders end up at the bottom which is a real pain. What can be causing this? I thought it may be a virus or something in regards to a second party app or something so i have even factory reset my phone and the problem is still there...

    Any help whatsoever will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
    08-30-2013 05:43 AM

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