1. jc0187's Avatar
    So ive had my s4 for nearly 2 weeks now and noticed my signal quality (not data or wifi) is pretty much always 1-2 bars strength and more commonly zero bars. I live in the heart of Phoenix Arizona and my carrier informed me im in an LTE area of coverage. However, due to the poor signal quality everywhere I go in Phoenix, my carrier had me switch my network mode from lte/gsm/wcdma to just gsm/wcdma. I now receive a much better signal quality and I am hoping this helps battery life. But my question is, what will I be missing out on by switching off of the network mode that contains lte?
    09-02-2013 03:20 PM
  2. Scott Kenyon's Avatar
    You're missing out on speed. Speed that you pay for. Go down to your carrier and demand a new phone. Tell them the radios are not functioning properly and you deserve to be able to use the LTE you pay for. If they have you turn off LTE, it's to get out of having to deal with a returned device. Walk in there, tell them you want a new phone and don't leave without one.
    09-02-2013 03:27 PM
  3. tcdude's Avatar
    I've has poor signal since day 1 with the s4

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    09-02-2013 03:37 PM
  4. jc0187's Avatar
    Is not haviving LTE that big of a deal? Whats the speed difference between gsm and lte?
    09-02-2013 03:48 PM
  5. tjg312's Avatar
    LTE is awesome, as soon as I got LTE coverage in my area I stopped using my wifi at my house. But as far as signal quality, I've always noticed my s4 in general was always 1 bar behind my friends' iphone 5's, kinda disappointing but not a huge deal for me most of the time.
    09-02-2013 06:32 PM
  6. jc0187's Avatar
    So I took my phone into a tmobile store and they were shocked to see that when 4G lte was on zero bars that it didnt drop down to regular 4G like its supposed to do. I went ahead and warrantied it out for a replacement. The store rep told me I live a very short distance from the LTE towers and should be getting an awesome signal where I live, and that I shouldnt of been dropped down to gsm.
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    09-02-2013 07:02 PM
  7. Scott Kenyon's Avatar
    Good on them for doing the right thing.

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    09-02-2013 07:23 PM
  8. Kelly Dyke's Avatar
    Im in the UK & have a S4 i9505 my plan is 4G, in network settings I had auto connect (4G,3G,2G) based on this i was only getting 1 bar if not no bars everywhere, i was concerned because I thought I had signal issues, however I spoke to Samsung & because I had it on 4G,3G,2G it was seaching for 4G 1st and because 4G is new in my area & low signal that is why I was having the issues, as soon as I changed my network settings to 3G/2G only my signal has improved & working, so for people having poor signal go to network settings & change it to auto connect at 2G/3G if your phone is still having issues it may be the phone, but it fixed my issue. maybe that is why alot of people are having low signal if its on 4G/3G/2G i think Samsung should have made customers aware.
    09-08-2013 05:21 PM

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