1. IAMHADE5's Avatar
    Anyone ever receive duplicate texts? Pictures or just text? I get doubles and sometimes more of text or pictures. Lately it's been with pictures only. I only use the stock messaging app. Nothing else.
    09-03-2013 03:50 PM
  2. Khatera OKC's Avatar
    Duplicates Occur when your phone is not sending out recipt that the sent message was delivered. Usually this is caused byt coverage. For example if you go in and out of roaming/extended alot, messages may be sent while you are not on you providers network resulting no reciept sent to the senders network. If it is a problem with you providers messaging platform those issue are fixed by creating a trouble ticket with the carrier. Long process but if indeed there is a problem with the platform it can be corrected!

    Good Luck
    09-04-2013 04:17 PM

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