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    I have serious problem with my S4 and wifi - not with connection, but with wifi turning on/off. If i use phone connected with wifi about hour (browsing, playing video, youtube, etc) - and this is important, phone become hot (35-40C by sensors .. its normal), but wifi module freezes (icon is not green and not grey - some state between, and in wifi setting is written "turning on" for hours). After this battery, rapidly drain (15% per hour), even if no app using or phone sleeps, some time phone restarts and freezes. Only help is to turn phone off for 1 or more hours, and after boot, turn off wifi and use only mobile data. I do some research and found process who drains battery - wifi state machine (running under android system, cant be killed) it has 1000 and more wakelocks in 10min. I try to do factory reset, use couple other wifi networks, use many wifi repair tools and no result. Have you solution?
    09-07-2013 07:00 AM

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