1. Racso14's Avatar
    So I've had my GS4 for a week now, and I'm loving it so far. I just switched from a Moto RAZR M, which I've read that Motorola doesn't add too much to stock android, so this may be part of my issue: I don't like the phone app. I know how to change the dialer, but once I hit send it goes into the stock phone app. Is there a way to change this without rooting?
    09-08-2013 03:12 PM
  2. the wallpaperguy's Avatar
    I dont have a solution, but FYI, I too hate the stock dialer. I dont know what dialers you have tried but Dialer One is my favorite by far.
    09-08-2013 09:24 PM
  3. STARGATE's Avatar
    There are certain things the dialer on my Photon did a little better, but I definitely love the white dialer on my Galaxy S4!
    I think is refreshing!

    What exactly is it that you guys don't like?

    Sent From a Galaxy S4 Away!
    09-08-2013 11:40 PM

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