1. Travier's Avatar
    * Don't hate, I have a Galaxy S4 myself.

    I've recently seen the official S4 bug thread, and it has 680 replies. Pretty shocking.

    Why does such an high-end phone has so much bugs? I'm now afraid my phone will get some of these bugs soon, and some of them are very major, from what I've seen on the thread.

    I've never rooted my phone, neither I am planning to. Should I worry?

    And also, why there are so many bugs?
    09-11-2013 10:13 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    No phone is perfect out the door thanks to the tight schedules and update windows phones have these days. Also, with soooooo many apps and tweaks and users with different usage patterns, it's nearly impossible to test out every single scenario. That being said, some things are just inexcusable and only the product of early release.

    I wouldn't worry if you haven't had any issue. Those bugs (they're only bugs under the right conditions) usually happen right away. If the thread has 680 replies it's because this is such a popular phone with Android Central's readers. If it was, say, a Nokia phone, there wouldn't be many replies but the phone could still be filled with bugs, just not many people to talk about them.
    09-11-2013 10:31 AM

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