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    I had a droid razr and now i have a Galaxy S4. On my droid i could have my bluetooth connected and then plug in my audio that goes to my car stereo. When i got a call it went to the bluetooth and the music stopped. If i turned off the bluetooth then the audio was transferred to the stereo if i unplugged the stereo the audio went to the bluetooth. Basically it knew where to send what based on what is connected. It didn't work that way this morning with my new S4. i had the bluetooth connected and then plugged in the audio. I was listening to the radio when i got a call the call came over the stereo and not to my bluetooth.

    This morning I had my S4 plugged into my stereo listening to pandora. i turned on my bluetooth. A call came in and i could not select headset from the call screen. The button on the bluetooth answered the call but the sound came through the stereo. I went in and made sure but the bluetooth device was assigned call and media audio. So it seems that having something plugged into the headphone jack trumps all other connections.

    How to i change this if i can.
    09-19-2013 08:07 AM

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