1. GermanSi's Avatar
    Hello, I was searching for Ballistic glass Tech Armor, because of the Steinheil I had, covered the sensors and didnt work. My only doubt with the Ballistic glass, Is that could it fit with the Poetic Atmosphere case?
    This is the case:
    Amazon.com: Poetic Atmosphere Case for Samsung Galaxy S IV S4 GS4 4 Clear/Gray (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic): Cell Phones & Accessories

    Ballisitic Glass with case? Help-71j-1ixwjxl._sl1500_.jpg

    Thanks and regards!
    09-21-2013 06:06 PM
  2. jerrod22's Avatar
    Looking at the picture it doesnt look like the lip comes in very far on the front. I dont have that case but with my spigen there is even a gap from the edge to where the ballistic glass starts

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    09-22-2013 12:32 AM
  3. GermanSi's Avatar
    You think the Ballistic Glass will not fit?
    09-22-2013 01:49 AM

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