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    Hi there,

    My problem is that I smashed the front screen on my galaxy s4, tried to repair, failed, broke digitzer so now I have NO LCD or digitizer .. it's just brushed aluminum now. However, the phone works fine!

    I would like to view my notes and things on my galaxy, I have tried many options, such as:

    - Samsung Kies; only offers main view points, e.g contacts media, etc
    - Galaxy S4 to iPhone transfer (when I switched from iPhone to galaxy it transferred all notes as well, so I tried to do it vice versa). Failed. Nobody switches back to iPhone so there is no support/software that can find my notes, only main functionality. e.g contacts
    - Browsed the phones content, found S Memo but not notes
    - Made an attempt at viewing the screen through PC, failed. Need to download app on the phone.. without a screen first hahah

    I have very important numerical data stored on the notes/memo section so I am desperately looking for support on how I can retrieve the notes. Please offer UK advice.
    09-25-2013 10:47 AM

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