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    So I have run into this problem before, my lock screen gets jumbled around and I press and slide my way to eventually full sized title and time again with my lock pattern underneath it in a legible and unlockable size.

    This time is different. I have done everything I can think of and still it is stuck like this.. I have put into no lock mode to try and edit. Too right corner grab to enlarge. Pinch out. Pinch in... Help me get it back to normal..

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    09-29-2013 10:00 PM
  2. ladyhaly's Avatar
    Sorry. I actually don't understand what you're trying to say except that no matter how much you zoom in and zoom out the size remains the same. All I can think of asking is you're using Android 4.2.3 or if you're using a third party app for a lock screen widget.

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    09-29-2013 11:24 PM
  3. stinstack's Avatar
    I am running 4.2 and the phone does this from time to time. I try pinching and zooming out but it doesn't work. So I fixed it by resetting my lock screen settings and doing a restart.

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    10-15-2013 07:58 AM

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