1. Galaxia's Avatar

    I have a VZW s4 and all of a sudden my MMS won't work. I normally use textra so I tried native but same thing. Won't go through. Rebooted phone and it worked for one pic then after that, same thing. I have service where I am too. Any idea?

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    10-08-2013 07:53 PM
  2. MiDoJo's Avatar
    Have you tried sending to several different people on multiple networks? Is 4G/3G currently connected?
    10-08-2013 07:57 PM
  3. Galaxia's Avatar
    No actually, the two people I tried are both in our family plan. One iPhone and one note2. And yes it shows 4gLTE currently. So bizarre

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    10-08-2013 07:58 PM
  4. claudioborgiotti's Avatar
    .Similar experience with my HTC one after the 4.3 upgrade.
    Not sure how long it works after the reboot, but i seem to receive MMS for some time after. Still looking for comments or solutions from others with similar experiences.
    10-18-2013 12:09 PM

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