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    I have searched for this and can't seem to find the answer... I am new to Android coming from Blackberry and so far I am really happy!!

    I tried to set up my Yahoo! Mail (@rogers.com) with the stock email program on my S4 and I am noticing that when the email loads it shows that ALL messages are unread 25 at a time. I can click them to have them all be read but when I load the next 25 emails it shows another 25 unread. I currently have 68,000 emails in my Yahoo! account and really do not want to load ALL of the messages. Sometimes I need to look back in the emails and don't want to have to load 25 emails at a time and then check them all off as unread.

    The alternative is that I am using the Yahoo! Mail app which works perfectly except that it can not accept invitations and automatically put them in my calendar. Any VCalendar invites show up as all text rather than letting me accept or decline. Does anyone have a fix for that?


    10-09-2013 01:13 PM

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