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    I need your help, there are a couple of things i would like to adjust as far as settings goes in the phone to make it perfect!!!! so far, the ability to do things on this phone is unbelievable...i also travel alot and have work exchange setup and this thing goes the whole day like a champ!!!

    1. after a call, there is a contact card that pops up, its annoying, how do i turn that off? i want it to go back to the call screen so i can make another call!!!
    2. i use notifier pro to manage my notifications, however, the accessibility services for some reason turns its service off for some reason, i cant understand why!!!
    3. i am put it into developer mode and reduced the animations to .5x to speed up the phone and love it, but does this conflict with the settings i have for nova launcher pro for "fastest" animations?
    4. happened twice in a month where it deleted my email accounts... its a common problem, other than getting another app to manager the email, is it possible to stop this from happeneing?
    5. how do i see which services "google services" is eating up, i have most of the settings turn off for auto-update, etc. so i am not sure what is going on on a full day it takes up about 20% battery... is that normal? or is that considered high?

    thanks for all the help everyone!!!
    10-15-2013 09:29 AM
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    0) If you haven't done it already, turn off iMessage on your iPhone or you might miss text messages from other iPhone contacts. If you no no longer have the phone, log into your AppleID and turn it off there, along with removing your phone number and device.

    1) Haven't found a way yet. I just wait 3 seconds for it to go away.

    2) You have to see if something conflicts. The S4 will turn on/off features that require/conflict with others.

    3) It probably doesn't affect Nova. Simple trial and error will answer that for you though.

    4) Can't say. I haven't had that problem. My emails are using POP, except for Gmail which is using IMAP. All in the standard Email app.

    5) It's an android phone. Google services will always be there regardless of what you turn on/off. Just some days are worse than others. It's not a problem unless Google Services is using more battery than your Screen and you're someone constantly using their phone. It takes A LOT to outpace an active screen user, even if dimmed. You shouldn't concern yourself with battery particulars until you are killing your phone in under ~12 hours and barely touching it. Average life of a moderate user is 16-20hrs.
    10-15-2013 10:09 AM

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