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    I've seen some people get almost 2 days out of their battery. How do you do it?? I want my battery to last from about 7 ish in the evening til 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I know its a weird time frame but I don't have an outlet by my bed and I like my phone close to me at night in case anything happens to my boyfriend or anyone else who works 3rd shift and they need to get ahold of me. Today my battery lasted 16 hours with about 2 1/2 hours of screen time. Its awesome, but I just wanna know how to stretch the life about 3 more hours.

    So I guess a simplified question is what tips and tricks do you have for maximizing battery life? Do those silly battery saver apps really work?

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    10-17-2013 01:15 PM
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    disable GPS, Bluetooth and delay your push notifications on your social media.
    only push notification i have on my phone is two email accounts i have. personal and work. all other apps are to update when open.

    it's optional but it helps: use sound as notifications instead of vibrations. I love my heptic feedbacks and keypad vibrating and it's signature for android devices. but if you think battery life is more important, disable them. I have mine on by the way...but disabling these increases your battery whole lot more.
    10-17-2013 02:17 PM
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    In addition to the good advice above, you could try Snapdragon's BatteryGuru app to control app syncing; some people use Juice Defender instead. Turn location access off in Google apps except when actually needed. Use "auto" for screen brightness or a screen brightness control app; I use Lux Auto Brightness.
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    10-17-2013 02:48 PM

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