1. ChaplinLIVE's Avatar
    Hey Android fans, and s4 fans alike. I've searched the web to find a solution to a small problem I have. Not so much problem, not sure how small to solve. I couldn't find anything on it so I decided to visit this forum. Hopefully someone has an answer to this peculiar problem of mine.

    As you can see from the Title, I'm asking about using my s4 as an extra screen for my Desktop. Like a duplicated touch screen, external screen, any that I can. (Not other way round as using an external screen for my s4) Meaning controlling my computer from my s4. I'l have my computer in the palm of my hand anywhere in the house. This seems exciting to me, especially that I'll be able to incorporate my gaming computer with my Xbox controller to play games anywhere in the house.

    Understandably, I neither see how this would work. I don't work in software or anything of a sort, but I thought a high-tech phone such as the s4 would be able to pull off such a task.

    If anyone has an app, a solution to my question/problem, please reply. Thanks!
    10-17-2013 06:45 PM
  2. tjg312's Avatar
    i've controlled my pc with teamviewer before, but I can't see there being any good solution to gaming wirelessly with it
    10-17-2013 08:33 PM

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